Green Practices


Green Practices in construction and remodeling are at the forefront of Sand County Contracting’s principles, “we believe in fostering green home contracting practices”. Customers want to be less dependent on the power grid, responsible for less pollution, and use sustainable products and recycled materials. The end result is a win-win . . . doing the right thing and saving money.
Sand County Contracting’s green practice starts with the ultimate quality and performance of Sherwin Williams Duration Paint. This is their first and only choice for paint because of its:

  • Low VOC Formula
  • Low Odor
  • Anti-Microbial mildew resistant properties
  • Reduced need for re-painting

Sand County Contracting is thinking not only about green practice, but cost perspective. When deciding on the best materials for the job, they look for quality and durability, so the customer doesn’t have to think about future replacement. A great example of this is their preference for porcelain tile because it is the most durable and resilient flooring available as well as resistant to moisture, wear, staining and UV light.
Sand County Contracting keeps the concept of “reuse” in their plans and designs. When customers choose to remodel, the potential to reuse space and building materials is wide open. This allows more energy, time and fuel saved, as well as fewer emissions produced.